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Directed by Lori Willis

Concert Choir

No Audition Required

This class is open to all grades and levels of musical experience. Students will develop their mastery of music fundamentals, vocal technique, and historical/cultural perspectives of choral music. Students are exposed to a wide variety of music ranging from classical to contemporary.

Treble Choir

Audition Required

This class is open to students in grades 10-12 with voices in the soprano and alto range.  Members of this intermediate level class continue their vocal development, appreciation of music and music reading skills. This group sings more complex music than that of the beginning level choirs.

Chamber Singers

Audition Required

This group is open to grades 10-12 and is an advanced ensemble of dedicated and committed students. Members are expected to understand and master music theory, sight-reading, and sing complex music in a variety of genres and performance styles. Chamber Singers have a more demanding performance schedule since they represent the choral program at many community and district wide events.  Students may be expected to participate in as many as 6-8 performances a semester, both on and off campus.

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