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Concert Choir

This choir is available to all students with no audition!

Chamber Singers and Treble Choir

Audition videos for the 22-23 school year should be submitted no later than Saturday, 4-23-22 at 11:59p.m. Here are the video(s) requirements:

  1. Sing up to 1:30 minutes of the solo song of your preference. You may use accompaniment.

  2. Sing the Star-Spangled Banner in a comfortable key for your voice without accompaniment.

  3. Find sheet music HERE for Like A River In My Soul. Select the voice part most appropriate for your voice (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Sing bars 36-56 along with THIS accompaniment track (start at about the 2:05 mark). Practice tracks may be found at the bottom of this page to assist with learning only.

  4. Please click on THIS LINK to complete your audition form and submit your video(s).

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